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Primary schools are special places with special memories for us all, but can you remember the names and faces of your class mates from that far off time?

A Yearbook is a lasting reminder of those friends and your own hopes and dreams.

PtG Digital is a digital print company specialising in short run and large format marketing and promotional material. We have produced yearbooks for many schools over the past five years and have received positive feedback from both schools and pupils. We believe that we offer a simple 'user friendly' method of producing a high quality book at a reasonable cost. Schools and PTA's can use them as either a fund raiser or a memorable gift to leavers.


  • Supply your school with an Excel spreadsheet to complete. This form is completed with the childrens answers to questions like 'favourite school trip'. When you return the form to us you may also supply any photos you would like included.
  • Design the layout, incorporating school colours, logos and photos etc.
  • Produce a proof copy.
  • Print and deliver yearbooks to school.

We appreciate that Year 6 is a busy time for both, teachers and pupils. Our service takes the hard work away from the schools.

Please call our School Yearbook Director, on 020 8254 9555 or send an email to if you would like to receive a sample yearbook or discuss any production queries.